Episode 7 - PCI Compliance

In this episode of ACP we delve into the world of PCI compliance with our guest, Dmitri Muntean, managing director at SequenceShift.

Dmitri brings his extensive knowledge in PCI compliance and telephony to discuss the challenges and solutions for businesses using Amazon Connect. The episode explores how Dmitri's company, SequenceShift, specializes in providing PCI compliance solutions specifically designed for Amazon Connect, including agent-assisted phone payments and self-service IVR options.

Dmitri explains the importance of PCI compliance for any business handling cardholder data, detailing the compliance levels and the rigorous processes involved. The discussion further covers the limitations of common practices like pause-and-resume call recording and the advantages of third-party compliance solutions. Dmitri also shares insights on launching services through the AWS Marketplace and the evolving Amazon Connect ecosystem in Australia.

Listen for a comprehensive guide to navigating PCI compliance in the Amazon Connect environment.

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