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Total Experience

During 2024, organisations providing Total Experience will outperform competitors by 25% in customer and employee experience satisfaction metrics, according to Gartner.

Ask yourself:

- Are we delivering satisfying, consistent customer experiences at each touchpoint?
- Is every customer engagement the same in look and feel?
- Do our core systems communicate with one another?
- Are we learning from the data we capture?

Expectations and purchasing behaviours have changed. Today, customers and colleagues want immediate access to information, and Generative AI makes it easy to respond to what people need.

To stay competitive, businesses need to create relevant, omnichannel digital experiences that are frictionless, data-driven and personalised to give customers and employees new reasons to engage and remain loyal.

In other words, customers expect a “Total Experience.”

How we help;

1. Build your Total Experience Transformation Maturity Model
2. Understand your customer, across each channel, through segmentation, per persona, Voice of the Customer/Colleague
3. Develop a Total Experience operating model
4. Co-engineer modern experience platforms for best-in-class experiences 

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Modern Contact Centre

Your contact centre is one of the primary communication points between your organisation and customers.

How do you ensure that each time a customer interacts with your contact centre, they have a positive experience?

The success of each interaction and your contact centre depends on good and modern technology platforms, empowered and well-trained personnel, and easy & ready access to the full range of available customer data.

How we help;

1. Cloud Contact Centre Readiness assessment
2. Contact Centre Intelligence
3. Contact Centre Modernisation
4. Migration of existing platform to Public Cloud
5. Integration with Customer Data Platforms

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Employee Apps

Today, we are all very used to self-serving. From banking apps to news feeds and car parking , we know how to access the information we frequently need, direct from our mobile. Most organisations have invested significantly in customer service apps, and yet their internal self-serve capabilities are woefully under-invested.

The technology for employee engagement apps is mature and the use cases are widely understood; the benefit to employees can mean the difference between engagement and apathy, or even talented individuals leaving the organisation, taking their skill and experience with them. ​

Now more than ever, it’s important to take all employees on the same journey within the company – apps provide the perfect opportunity to deliver over and above their expectations.

​How we help;
1. ​Advise on your readiness and maturity  ​
2. Develop relevant use cases beyond the common HR/IT Support/My Account​
3. Exploit existing technology investments e.g Microsoft Co-Pilot  ​
4. Explore advanced technology use cases e.g. AI bots, LLMs, avatars
5. Employee 'Super Bot' ultimate collaboration hub

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Conversational AI

Conversational AI offers so much more than a ChatBot! Conversational AI is the driving force behind intelligent virtual assistants that go beyond the simplicity of chatbots. Most ChatBots lack the AI capabilities that would enable them to 'think' independently.

They are instead trained using a simple question-and-answer rule, answering only a specified set of questions. Conversational technology may replicate human interactions, performing jobs and activities ranging from replying to simple information requests to managing complicated customer journeys, activating attended and unattended RPA operations, and interacting with any current business applications.

Conversational AI, on the other hand, is able to comprehend the user's language as well as their intent, allowing it to deliver clear support in real time. These functional distinctions transform conversational AI into a very effective tool, allowing organisations to enhance the customer experiences they provide.  

How we help:

1. Develop the business case  
2. Advise on the use cases
3. Evaluate platform options and prove the value with MVP
4. Scale the use cases

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Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Data aggregation, customer mapping, CRM and knowledge management, market intelligence, and external sources of information… a huge opportunity exists to increase customer satisfaction, uncover business opportunities, and boost agent productivity.

But there's a lot to get right in understanding the complexity of the customer journey. Once you get it right, you will have richer insights into your customers' wants, needs and behaviour and can apply all that information & knowledge to increase sales, refine marketing and ultimately deliver a better experience.

How we help;

1. Map the business needs and objectives
2. Evaluate the right tools
3. Implement, operationalise and scale the CDP
4. Layer with Machine Learning & AI

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CloudInteract Maturity Assessment

The CloudInteract Maturity Assessment provides your organisation with a comprehensive view of your current customer interaction capabilities.

In a rapid assessment, we review the following; 

Technology – do you have the correct modern technology to service your customer requests?

Cost – is the most appropriate cost model in place, for the services you require?

Agent Capability – do you have the correct tools, reporting and flexibility to manage your agents?

Customer Data – is your data strategy and implementation plan optimised to increase customer satisfaction, uncover business opportunities, and boost agent productivity?

Future Services – how do you evaluate and onboard new services such as the Metaverse, Digital Twins and Causal AI?

How we help;

1. Document current capabilities and costs
2. Provide a comparison of where you are against the industry average
3. Provide recommendations for improvement
4. Provide an Executive-ready report

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