Episode 6 - Enterprise Connect 2024

In this special episode of ACP, we explore the latest announcements from Enterprise Connect as they relate to Amazon Connect. Discussing features that were just announced, this episode is a real-time analysis, less polished but filled with genuine reactions to the breaking news.

Key highlights include:

  1. Third-Party App Support for the Agent Workspace: Now generally available, this feature allows for enhanced productivity by integrating third-party applications directly into the agent workspace. It now includes event support, thereby facilitating a more dynamic interaction within the workspace.
  2. Generative AI-Powered Post Contact Summaries: Leveraging AWS’s Bedrock service, this feature, now also generally available, automates the creation of concise summaries of customer interactions, potentially saving significant agent time post-contact and ensuring consistent data collection.
  3. Rich Interactive Chat Experiences with Step by Step Guides: This new feature enables businesses to create automated, guided interactions for customers via chat, improving self-service capabilities and potentially reducing agent workload by pre-collecting necessary information.
  4. Automated Agent Evaluation Submissions: Fully automating the agent evaluation process by automatically filling and submitting evaluation forms, this feature aims to streamline quality management processes within contact centers and ensure consistency across all agent evaluations.

In this episode we not only break down the new features announced at Enterprise Connect but also speculates on their potential impacts on operations, agent efficiency, and customer experience within the Amazon Connect environment.

We'd also love your thoughts on the announcements from Enterprise Connect 2024. Let us know what your favourite announcement was!

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