Episode 5- Planning your Amazon Connect deployment

In this podcast episode, Tom Morgan and Alex Baker discuss how to set up and manage an Amazon Connect Contact Centre. They highlight the importance of planning before starting the deployment process and determining how exactly you want to use Amazon Connect.

Alex states the importance of understanding the technical side of things and emphasizing the need for proof of concept which involves proving the technology, getting staff to use it, and checking if the business case makes sense.

The hosts then discuss the feasibility of a lift and shift approach to transformation, where all processes from the legacy system are lifted and moved to the new system. Alex suggests considering the transformation in two phases – an initial lift and shift phase to meet strict deadlines, and then a phase to optimize and take full advantage of the capabilities of the new platform.

They talk about the benefits of setting up a sandbox or development environment where you can test out new ideas, keeping in mind the costs of running multiple contact centres for a certain duration, and the importance of training staff to be self-sufficient in using and optimizing the Amazon Connect contact centre.

The podcast covers the topic of migration in depth and is focused on the practical steps of setting up, transitioning, and managing a new Amazon Connect Contact Centre.

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