Episode 2 - CRM Integration

In this week's episode, we discuss CRM integration, starting with what that actually means and why you might need or want it.We talk about the CRM that's built right into Amazon Connect with Customer Profiles and Connect Cases. For lots of people (especially if you don't already have a CRM in place) this could be a GREAT solution as there's really good integration with the rest of Amazon Connect already built in. We discuss some examples of the sorts of great customer service experiences this can bring.If you already have a CRM in place though, our second talking point might be of more interest - vendor support integrations. There are many of these covering the big names in CRM including Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, even ServiceNow.Thirdly we dive into some detail about custom integrations using Lambda functions to enable integration with any CRM system.Next week we're going to be deep-diving into the newly released capabilities of the updated communication widget, including its voice and video features. We are also going to be joined by a special guest, so be sure to subscribe in your favourite podcast player; that way you won't miss it.

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