Episode 11 - After Deployment

In this episode of ACP, we were joined by Corey Miller, a Senior Engagement Manager at Amazon Web Services. Corey brings a unique perspective to the table with his extensive background, which includes a 28-year tenure in the United States Air Force as a military police officer and his subsequent transition into the technology sector, focusing on cloud services and customer experience solutions.

Corey shares insights into his role at AWS, emphasizing the importance of considering post-deployment operational support and the necessity of a holistic approach in technology implementation. He highlights his passion for enhancing the customer experience through technology, drawing parallels between his military leadership skills and his approach to technology consulting.

Corey's also brings his advice for those looking to enter the AWS ecosystem or enhance their skills in Amazon Connect, including leveraging AWS's skill-building resources and connecting with experienced professionals in the field.

This episode is packed with invaluable insights for anyone interested in or currently working within the Amazon Connect space, emphasizing continuous improvement, leadership, and the exciting possibilities of technology in transforming customer experiences.

Corey's blog post that was referenced in this episode is: Transforming contact center teams when using Amazon Connect | AWS Contact Center.

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