Episode 10 - Arie Hazekamp, Amazon Connect

This week we are joined by special guest Arie Hazekamp, a Senior Partner Solutions Architect from AWS, all the way from sunny Barcelona. Arie shares his journey into the world of AWS and Amazon Connect, highlighting the transformative impact cloud technology has had on customer experience solutions. The episode delves into the essential role of AWS partners and the resources available for partners looking to innovate and succeed with Amazon Connect.

Additionally, the conversation turns to the hot topic of generative AI, exploring its applications within contact centers, including agent assist, supervisor assist, self-service, and operational efficiencies. Arie offers insights into choosing the right generative AI services, like Amazon Q and Bedrock, and emphasizes the importance of companies understanding their use cases and data readiness when adopting these technologies.

This episode is packed with valuable advice for anyone looking to navigate the evolving landscape of cloud-based contact center solutions and generative AI, as well as existing and potential partners.

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