Managing 80m Calls per annum
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Managing 80m Calls per annum

A Global Education company reduces costs and support customers faster using Amazon Connect.

A global education company with over 140 million customers worldwide were supporting their customers on legacy contact centre technology. Technology was holding their customer service back and preventing them from contacting customers with new products and services.

The existing contact centre had all the hallmarks of a legacy platform. Slow to adjust to technology developments and locked into a vendor roadmap that needed to meet their business requirements. The commercial model locked them into a multimillion, multiyear agreement based not on what they consumed but on an inflexible agent-based model which couldn't flex up and down as their business required.

They went to the market to find a commercial model that retained flexibility, better suited their usage, and provided a platform to meet their immediate and long-term business requirements. 

They chose to deploy Amazon Connect, which would make and receive over 80 million calls a year, supporting at peak 6,000 agents in multiple lines of business with agents located globally. A cloud-based consumption model with a global scale and the required investment in machine learning and AI was an imposing set of requirements.


How They Did It

They created a business case that would transform their legacy platform focused on telephony to a platform that can receive inbound and outbound contact with the latest web and cloud technologies while ensuring telephony remains an option for those wishing to use it.

The migration required a rapid pace, with 50% of the agents moving to the new platform within six months of project initiation. Using an Agile 'build first' approach, utilising automated tooling, an example of which captured all existing call flows from the legacy platform without human intervention and transposed them into Amazon Connect Call Flows, saving hundreds of hours of engineering time.

The project then integrated the call flows with the Salesforce and simplicity to take a call flow, combined with the incredible ease of training hundreds of agents in minutes! The education company achieved 100% adoption across two business units in four months.

Value of AWS/Momentum/Spotlight

They created a team of internal and external resources to deliver the project. They wished for their existing staff to be upskilled and blended into the project team; this would reduce the project's overall cost, and the current staff would be ready to take the engineering lead during the transition.

The company now has a fully global platform integrated with Salesforce where agents can make and receive messages across web and telephony technology. It has allowed the company to rationalise their agent workforce and now has all customer contact integrated with its customer data platform. 

Managing 80m Calls per annum
Managing 80m Calls per annum

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