Major US Bank Innovates faster using Amazon Connect
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Major US Bank Innovates faster using Amazon Connect

Major US Bank Innovates faster using Amazon Connect

Despite being one of the ten largest US banks by assets and deposits, the organization recognized that, to retain its strong position, modernisation was required. Their motivating belief was that the winners of next-generation banking would be those who showed creativity and innovation by putting frictionless hyper-intelligence at the heart of every customer interaction.  

The bank decided to reduce its datacentre footprint and re-imagine itself as a digital service company with banking services, adopting a cloud-first policy and using modern data analytics and machine learning techniques, to better understand how to serve customers in an age of very high expectations.

Time for an improved Contact Centre Solution

Reviewing various cloud platform options, Amazon Connect matched perfectly with the bank’s requirements and a pilot was conducted with ease and speed – proving the value of Amazon Connect within just 3 days.

Integration with the CRM system was seamless, call flow replication was quick and simple, and hundreds of customer-facing agents were trained within minutes. The bank achieved 100% adoption across the first 2 business units in just 5 months; less than half the time of previous migrations.  

Amazon’s Connect contact centre solution was deployed across the entire organization, managing tens of thousands of calls from day one. The bank realised early that “each call is a chance to live our mission of bringing simplicity, ingenuity and humanity to banking”. Whilst the mission is powered by the use of world class technology, the bank does not use technology for technology’s sake – it is simply focused on using the best technology to enable great customer experiences.  

The Value of AWS

Customer obsessed, capturing customer intent, even more personalized customer experience and improving those customers outcomes is just the start.

Amazon Connect continuously strengthens and enhances the experience of every customer interaction with the bank, capturing intent and delivering the desired outcome for first-time resolution. Integrating features such as natural language processing enables richer insight into why those customers are calling, driving development and efficiency. As a platform, Amazon Connect has given this Top Ten US Bank the ability to innovate, build and deploy new features in weeks, rather than the months required by their legacy system.  

Growing beyond the contact centre, Amazon Connect’s integration with the technology landscape enables the bank to provide flexibility and customer choice across all channels including the website, mobile app and in-branch experiences.  

Amazon Connect enables the bank to scale up as much and as fast and they need, to support the relentless drive for innovation and ultimately deliver a better customer experience.

Major US Bank Innovates faster using Amazon Connect
Major US Bank Innovates faster using Amazon Connect

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